River Herring

Shots of the new Factory Pond Dam in Pembroke with added fish ladder.
  • Solar panel and control box for the new automated fish-counter. This was not here at the beginning of my fish counts for NSRWA. Seems as if this was added…
  • Fish ladder to the left and pond to the right.
  • Top of the Alaska Steeppass fishway.
  • I was told this is an Alaska steeppass fishway. It's generally pre-fabricated and simply dropped into place assuming the appropriate mountpoints are present.
  • Apparently one of the problems with this ladder is contrlling the waterflow to the right level. At one point, the water was flowwing too fast and that was…
  • Alaska steeppass fishway at Factory Pond in Pembroke Ma.
  • Downstream from the dam.
  • Remnants of old river controls structures
  • Old dam down-stream.
  • Pembroke: Herring Brook down stream from dam
  • Pembroke: Herring Brook down stream from dam
  • I did some hiking out in the area and there are lots of remenants of old sluices.
  • Some sort of an old water channel.
  • More sluiceway remnants
  • Ditto